I let my CXs rest for three days, Are they still ok?


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9 Years
May 10, 2010
I butchered 3 CXs Sat about 5pm, and I let my meaties rest the first 24hrs in ice water. Then I cleaned off some pins that I missed and just rinsed them off in cold water. After that I put them in the fridge and covered them up with foil. Wanted to vacum pack them last night but never had a chance. I vacumed one this morning and froze it, but the other two are still in the fridge covered up. They shouyld be fine til tonight to freeze them right???


11 Years
Aug 2, 2008
South Central KY
I seldom age them less than 3 days. I've aged chickens in the fridge as long as a full week, before freezing them, they smelled just as fresh as the first day. I've heard of people aging them as long as 10 days, but that might be pushing it a bit, IMO. But 3 days is no problem at all.

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