:( I lost my americauna........


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Sep 4, 2008
Central Florida
I noticed yesterday that my americaun was kind of laying around alot and not eating. I picked her up and felt everything rel good and she didnt seem to have any defects that i could feel so i was just hoping that she was just not hungry and tired (too optimistic). And when i let all the girls out she was layng dead uner her perch. :'( it was so sad. what could it be? I'm going to pick up one of those broad range antibiotics and some wormer. I figured id just hit everyting to make sure i dont lose any more. s that the right ay to go or do you guys have any better suggestions. On a lighter note I have at least 2 baby splsh and blue silkie bantam eggs peeping behind me at this very moment in the incubator. please leave any helpful comments you can. thanks...
I'm sorry sorry to hear of your loss.
It's hard to say what was wrong really without having a necropsy done. Are the rest of your birds acting okay? If so, I wouldn't start an antibiotic. The wormer wouldn't hurt, but giving antibiotics to chickens that aren't sick isn't a good idea. All you will do there is build up a resistance to antibiotics and when it comes time to really need one, it won't end up working. Did your Ameraucana have any other symptoms other than laying around and not drinking? Was she sneezing, coughing, having runny poo?
Sorry for your loss.

I have to warn against using antibiotics without a diagnosed need for it. Using them weakens the birds and if a time should come that is needed treatment it wouldn't be as strong. Antobiotics are for killing bacteria. If your bird died from a virus the antibiotics would not be doing anything good at all. It will kill off good bacteria that the birds need be strong to fight off common infections.

I am against worming unless you know there is a need for it. If your chicken died from a heavy worm load you would know it. You would see worms in the stool, sometimes even in the eggs.

If you suspect worms you can try chopped pumpkin seeds and buttermilk. Look for worms in their poop.

For the most part - chickens sometimes just die. There is no real cause or reason for it. They lived out their life and it came to an end sooner than we human hope for.
This is exactly how I would treat the worms also! The more natural, the better. Especially in egg laying hens. I'm not crazy about any chemical treatments if they can be avoided. I have had to use antibiotics in the past, but that was because it was absolutely necessary to do. Listen to MissPrissy here.
Do you have any vetRX or a farm store nearby that has some? If you can get some I would rub it on their nostrils. That should help.
A snot bubble on one of them plus a death is an indication of some sort of infection going around. The faster you can treat, the better.

I have NO idea what it is, but you might want to answer the questions that are asked in the "sticky" at the top of this forum and let some of the experts here help you out.

Good luck to you...

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