I lost my beloved Buff Roo today..what got him?


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May 27, 2008
Hi everyone..yes, yes, I know it's been a long while...
I always know where to turn for support - my pals at BYC!
I looked out the window 2 hours ago and what did I see...my lifeless Roo. When I found him near the house (yes, my flock free ranges during the day), he was belly down and his head was turned to the side. The side of his head that was exposed was missing an eye and it looked as if something pecked at his face and comb.
We live in the high desert - Riverside County, Ca. - so I see everything from hawks, crows, owls, etc. But in all honesty, I have only seen crows in our yard this last month..no hawks. I'm heartbroken as he was my sweetie for 4 1/2 years - I was able to pick him up, let my kids around him, etc...
Any suggestions? I'm aware that some swear that crows won't attack full grown chickens...but our crows are enormous out here...so who knows???
Thanks for listening,
- Sandy

p.s. - my four hens will now be living in the chicken run for quite some time!
I'm so sorry.

Is it possible he died of natural causes and the hens or crows pecked at him after?
Hi Tracy

I wish that were true...but there was a handfull or two of feathers around him..my guess from the attack.
Thank you for your support!
i wonder if it was a hawk and something scared it off before it could really chow down, that's why only the head was picked, i lost my best mottled cochins to a hawk, you know i just thought of something, i used to have a ton of squirrels around here and now nothing, i bet the hawk got those also:(
Just wanted to say thank you everybody. As you can imagine, this morning was so tough...no crow to wake us up.

Here's a safety prayer out to everyone's flock...

- Sandy

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