I lost my rooster

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12 Years
Jul 20, 2007
WEnt to the chicken auction last night.
Bought 6 birds, of which two were bantam Araucanas. Beautiful birds.
It was late when we got home.
I put them in the top end of the tractor and they went right to the roosting pole.
I went out this morning and all of them had come down to the run except the Aracaunas and the blue hen.
So, I opened up the back end and was moving them down, and the rooster ran out.
Big old Tomcat named Sox starts chasing him, and he is gone.
I hoped he would come back tonight, but I just checked and he didnt come back.
He is out in the woods somewhere.

He should come back.
I had a 3 or 4 month old pullet missing for a week after a fox chased em everywhere then she came back, totally fine
My old rooster where I used to live, if he got chased by dogs or something, he would be gone sometimes a day or two, probably hiding in the woods. I would be near tears day 2 cause I thought he got killed, then he would show up. Don't give up hope yet.

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