I love chickens!

Oh that is such a difficult question to answer! I can tell you that my Phoenixes are my darlings, and our Silkies are just the sweetest, most loving babies. Got a couple bantam OEs that are chatterboxes and insist on being on our shoulders all the time. Americanas, Wyandottes, barnyard mutts, Australorps, Ayam Cimanis, Leghorns, Long Crowers, Ayam Ketawas, Barnevelders, Bielefelders, uggghhhhhhh. I might not be properly qualified to answer this type of question because I love them ALL.... LOL!!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful community as much as I have!

My favorite breeds are probably Easter eggers, orpingtons, wyandottes... there are too many great ones out there! I can't choose! :D

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