I love my ameraucanas

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8 Years
Jun 29, 2011
I love my ameraucanas (i no this will sound weird but I dont care) yesterday I was laying down with one on my ameraucanas on the floor and everytime i would close my eyes she would close hers and she would streatch her neck out as far as she could and then lay it down ill post pics of here later.
Dear Ranch Ruler,

That is too cute ! I can't wait to tell my 12. yr. old son about that (not that I want him laying down on the dirt floor of the chicken pen to try it !).

I'm so happy to see the Birchen Ameraucana cockerel going to a good home. You'll love him I'm sure. He's so beautiful !

As soon as the boxes come in, I'll PM you.

Look forward to seeing your pic !

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