I LOVE my new Genesis!!!

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]I can't believe how easy that incubator is to use!! I have 41 eggs going in there now and I don't have to do anything but add water.I got he auto turner so I don't even have to worry about turning the eggs.I had to take the cover off to add water and once I put the cover back the temps went back to where they should be in like 2 minutes,its amazing.I also have 12 in a still air Little Giant.I had planned on using that as a hatcher but when I ordered eggs the sellers all sent extras and I ran out of room in the genesis.I don't have a turner in this one so I have to do it by hand 3x a day which isn't exactly hard but I am always worried about the temperature drop, I am totally surprised at how fast that one returns to the correct temp as well.From all I heard about the lg on this forum I expected it to be alot worse, thats why I was only going to use it for a hatcher and I didn't buy a turner for it. I know that some people do have good luck with it though. At first I was stressed out about having to use it as a bator but now I am glad that I am doing both and getting the difference experiences in incubating.It will be intersting to see how they turn out and what each hatch rate will be.My whole family is so excited, they all keep looking in the window at them, and its not like they are even ready to hatch or anything.At my childrens's school they have hatched eggs in science class using a cardboard box, a bowl of water, a lamp and some sort of heater.I have no idea how they have ever gotten anything to hatch that way considering how much there seems to be to doing this.These days the schools around here are buying bators to do the job.If the kids can do it in a box then I should be able to hatch at least a few out of these right??? [​IMG] I think I will keep my fingers crossed anyway.
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    Good luck on your hatches. I have 2 Genesis and LOVE them also

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