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    Jan 24, 2010
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    I ran out of starter about 3wks back and I asked the guy at the feed store if I should switch them to Layena or keep them on the starter since the only starter the feed store carries is medicated and I read on here that you cant eat the eggs that come out of chickens on medicated feed. I was thinking the chickens were about 15-16wks then and would be laying before the 50lb bag ran out. He recommended I switch to the Layena even though they have not started laying yet--so I did. Now I just sat down and calculated it out and I think that the chickens are just now 17-18wks old. They still seem to be growing well and are very active with no signs of sickness but still no eggs at all. Did I mess up the chickens physiologically by doing this or will they probably be OK. Just curious. Thanks in advance.
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    They will be fine! [​IMG]

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