I must be crazy!


7 Years
May 14, 2012
Central Arkansas
If the pets were not enough, now we, me and the wife have started with farm animals. We have 25 chickens and a goat, planing on getting 4 more goats but had to stop to build a bigger chicken house. Let's take a count, 3 dogs, 5 fish, 3 birds, 25 chickens and 1 goat. :/ like I needed more to take care of. But it has been fun. Our kids 14 and 15 think we have gone crazy. :D

If that's what qualifies you as crazy, you've just found your way to the nuthouse!
Welcome to the forum!
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That is so neat.YOU GO!! Gotta do what makes you happy.
Are you milking, cheese or pets?
.Some ppl dont understand and teens NEVER do
My family dont even try and talk to me about it any more. Just stare.
I have 11 dogs (English Matiffs, Chihuahuas, one older Chorkie,) 1old cat,11 chickens (what is it with # 11?) And 9 lavender orp hatching eggs coming
To My 13 year old granddaughter who lives here ......Im such an embarrassment!
OH well.
I have been wanting a mini goat for 3 years white with black spots...but ppls say they are so much trouble getting out and i am afraid of preditors..Would need a guard donkey or guard lama then.... MORE animals
..Keeping .animals .....just grows and grows!LOVE IT!!
We got a Boer Goat, they are a larger breed, hoping that makes her easier to keep in the fence. Wanting to raise them as meat goats, not a milking goat. We will see how it goes.

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