I must be the 'duck lady'

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Jun 5, 2009
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Just got a call from a local photographer who currently has 12 ducklings that she is using for Easter pics. She wanted to know if I would take them when she was done with them...Bah ha haa.

Of course I will!

Am guessing that 6 are pekins but she said 6 of the 12 are black so we will see...
Lucky you are. I have been getting 2-4 chicks a summer from people who go to tractor supply and go home with a chick. They last about a month or two and then they get to big for the garage, smell and the kids are no longer interested. Last year I got a RR hen and a Cornish X.
I really hate the fact that the owners think these animals are disposable. They can keep them and then dump them on someone else when they are no longer fun. Completely disgusts me.
Seriously. Not just poultry, unfortunately. I hear horror stories of people who can't grasp that puppies grow up...
Last year I had a lady borrow some ducklings to have in pics with her son at the mall...she came, left a deposit, and I sent her on her way with a few to borrow!
Luckily they all came back home in 1 hour no harm done, deposit returned, but I did charge her some $ for my trouble. Duckling rentals! Maybe we should all start a service then dumb photographers wouldn't buy them for temporary use...
I agree, rent-a-duckle is a good idea.
I couldn't part with my ducks. They love me and trust me more than anyone. How could someone ditch something so little and trusting? I hope they get pooped on by giant ducklings in pergatory.
it really makes me sick tho...... and to think our local RSPCA will be stuck with puppies and kittens 1 months after christmas than ducks, chickens and bunnies after easter. ANIMALS ARE A LONG TERM COMMITMENT!!! plus how could you part with it after raising it???
I am happy for you and your getting the ducks..but I too feel bad for the STUPID ppl. that get these things and then think they can just dump them off whenever they are ready.
About a year ago I was leaving work. I was about to get on the on ramp when I saw a large box on the side of the road moving.....so I stopped and looked in it. There were 5 8-10 week old purebred lab puppies in it. I took them all out, put them in my car and took them to the vet to be checked out. I posted pics. at my job and within 2 days had them all given away to good homes. Of ppl. that I knew would take good care of them.

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