I must have a bug


11 Years
Nov 9, 2008
Central Oklahoma
A 'Peachick' bug. After a couple of years of bugging my DH, he finally gave in and agreed we could get a peacock. We picked up an adorable 4 day old white peachick on Sunday. The lady mentioned she had some more supposed to hatch in a couple of days. She called me and said she had a blue and a pied hatch out. We went to pick up the pied and left with both chicks!!!! They are just beautiful. Even as chicks they are so more 'elegant' looking than other chicken, guinea or turkey chicks. I wish I could just sit and watch them all day.....but I have to work.
Yes, they are precious and make the sweetest little sounds. I have 2 that were hatched out from our peahen and they are about 10 days old now. Our hen had laid so many eggs that we put these under some bantams and they hatched these out beautifully. I have them in a brooder right now with some other chicks the same age. Our peahen is sitting on a group of about 6 eggs and should hatch those out soon.
Enjoy your little ones, they are a gift indeed!
Congrats on your newest babies!

I also am very fond of their babies. They also have more 'personality' and if closely hand reared, can become extremely tame pets.
OH WOW!!!! post some pics!!!!!!
We have a India Blue pair, (1yr old) I am hooked.

Please post pics of the babies!!!!!!
Congrats on your newest addition!!!!!

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