I need a broody hen!


11 Years
May 25, 2008
Washington State
Ok my incubator is full i have eggs sitting under my uncles hen 30 miles away. I need a broody hen! I want to get some turkey eggs and I have no place to put them
sooooooo I wish i wish upon a star one of my 12 hens go broody! or two hen to fit those big eggs under but I wont be choosy. I have had hens for two years never had one go broody I should be happy but not even my brahma has gone broody and that breed i thought was know for going broody
I have broody hens. I have 3 new girls that have gone broody this makes the grand total this year of 10 broodys.

Get you some golf balls put 3 or 4 per nest.
This is a good year for them its been mild weather.
I'm going to set 2 of them with eggs this weekend. If they want to set I'm going to set them. I just need for someone to give me some chick tractors. And I'd be good to go.

I'm sending broody vibes your way.

The breeds of my hens are American game hens and American game cross hens, and a pure black australorp hen.
I have barred rocks, buff brahma, rhode island red, golden sex links, BO, Australorps and Leghorns so for the most part I have breeds that were breed for egg not broodness but come on just 1 would be nice
my luck I wish for this then they all will go and then I will have no eggs for 2to 3 months haha

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