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8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Northeast Pennsylvania
I have been trying to come up with a 'farm' name for my little chicken operation for awhile. We are small scaled, and not really a farm. I have about 75 chickens right now and I don't plan on having more than 100-200 birds at a time.

I don't really want the name of the business to be location oriented. We are renting to own this new place, and although we have all the best intentions to follow through with the purchase, it seems the last two people with this same deal have either stuck the owners or had a disagreement and the owners stuck them. The politics of the house are one of the reasons I don't want a location based name.

We live on 2.45 acres, so "Farm" in the name is unneeded. We do have horses, a bunny, dog, cats, the chickens and this year we are going to add a few geese and quail. I would like a poultry based name...

So far, we have been approached with these names:

Windswept Acres (we live on a windy hill, but it's location based)
Clarks Clucks
Cocktales Acres/Farm/Poultry
Been Down Poultry/Farm/Acres (a play on our bad luck and downy chicks)
Cluck U Acres

Of them all, I like Windswept. But, I don't want to use it. It's to original.
I thought of using Roost in the place of farm/acres/poultry, but I just can't come up with anything.

Anyone out there have any fabulous ideas?


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May 28, 2009
South Central, PA
You don't have to base the name off of the location, but it could help. For example, my aunt lives in New Freedom. She bought an 1800s farm with some hills, and they named it Old Freedom Hill Farm.

Colored Egg Farmer

Chicken overload
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Apr 30, 2008
North Eastern Pa... Near NY
I'm not the best at naming farms... heres my example... I had easter egger hens and loved them... My farm name ended up being Colored Egg Farms lol. Just make sure that there are not any other farms named after yours etc especially if you are putting it on lables to sell eggs.


8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Northeast Pennsylvania
Yeah, I was concerned about duplicate chicken business names. Windswept is pretty common.

I came up with one the other night. I love it, but my husband hates it.

Brace yourself.

Up On The Roost-top

It was nice while I thought it had a chance.
My friend and I have been wracking our brains for days over this. I already have my business cards ready for printing (designed them myself - no Vistaprint here) and I am itching to get working on the webpage. Just, I have no name!


11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
palestine texas
Ok... windy, hill, 2.45 acres The Breezy Duece
I live on... The Swampy Duece 2.46 acres

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