I need a chick identifying


Jan 25, 2017
South Australia
Hello all,

I bought 3 Silkie chicks from a local farmer, they are currently 3 weeks old and living happily with one of my broody hens. Now I'm new to Silkies so forgive me as I don't know what I'm looking for! But now their feathers are coming in, one of the chicks (the Partridge) I think is looking less like a silkie than the others. What do you think? And if it's not a Silkie, any idea what it is?

This is the 3 together. Pretty sure the black and white ones are Silkies.


Here is my little Partridge, love the beautiful feather colours.


I don't mind what it is, I'm just curious.

Thank you knowledgable peoples!
Okay, forget I asked :he I've just caught the little whippet, it is soooo fast, it's really hard to catch!

From a distance it looked different, but up close its feathers look more Silkie like and it has 5 toes.
I feel a bit foolish for asking now!! :th

Sorry and Thank you anyway :D

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