I need a fence not a run


14 Years
Nov 9, 2008
Central Indiana
My Coop
My Coop
I have 2 coops. One of the 2 is 6'x6' and has an attached run fully encased in 1/2 x 1/2 hardware cloth. This will house my pedigree Ameraucanas. The other coop will be 8'x20' and will house at various times Freedom Rangers and assorted layers/duel purpose breeds. Instead of a run to surround the larger coop I'm planning to fence an area 100' x 150' within which will be both coops. This will be a free range area. I have plenty of space and predators, but living next to a forested area, and having the coop close to the house, I can't just let them free range without any confinement.

I'm thinking 2"x4" welded wire, 5 ft high.. Treated corner posts and treated posts every 25 ft. T posts between the wooden posts spaced 5 ft apart. I'll run an electric wire aound the fence a few inches off the ground and another about half way up. I'll have some leanto structures for the chickens to hide from hawks but I know I will occassionally lose a bird. I will close them in at night, but the Freedom Rangers would have a shelter not predator proof.

What have I forgotten? Is this overkill? I'd like to save money, but I'm hoping the fence will last 20 years. I've never run fence before but am pretty handy. I know to use a fence stretcher and a come along.
I fenced half of my back yard to range the chickens in 5ft high 2"x4" welded wire with T posts and concreted in wooden end posts. Works great for keeping our dogs in and other dogs out and such preds that we have in the city. Pair it with electric fence and you should be good since it should keep things from climbing it.
Also my chickens went over the chainlink fence on the other side of the yard - it has a top rail - they never went over the plain welded wire fence maybe they couldn't see where the top of it ended?? I dunno.

My bachelor pad pen is made of mostly welded wire fence and we've not had a raccon be able to tear it apart either.

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