I need a GOOD flashlight-Suggestions please!


11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
Central Louisiana
OK this is not for candling eggs; this is for walking across the dark backyard in the middle of the night to see what's making noise out there, disturbing the chickens, etc. I had a good flashlight for years but it finally gave out (it was duct-taped by then if that tells you anything) -- don't like those rechargeable things-- they give out too soon.. I want something that has batteries & can throw a nice BRIGHT light across the yard... and will last & hold up. We have hurricane season upon us soon. I need a dependable light please!!!

all suggestions are welcome & thanking you in advance for them.
For your need I would suggest the ones with the crank on them to recharge. I like the Maglites too and use them for work, but have a good supply of batteries and always access to them. If your facing power outages like we do at home the crank one will recharge it'self and your cell phone quite quick and easy.

I have both the LED and the older type, I like the older one better for waking on rough ground, but the LED sure lasts better and is fine for in barn chores. The critters freak out at LED light, and they can look sick due to the way it distorts colour too, something to think about.
I lose power all the time where I live, so I have LOTS of various flashlights, including a Maglite. But my absolute favorite is this one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I want to get a couple more, to have in various places around the house. It is EXTREMELY bright, a great size to hold, not too big but very sturdy. It has two brightness settings; at it's brightest it uses 109 LED lights! It's AWESOME and I highly recommend it. I will never buy another type of flashlight again.

Definitely get a MAG Light.... the LED one. We have the long one that holds 4 D cell batteries and it is super bright!!
I like to have the crank type light, so I don't need to worry about the batteries. LLBean has a good one for about 20 bucks that is a solar and crank LED with high and low settings. Lithium battery never needs replacement.
When I was deployed overseas I used a "surefire". They have many types from $10 to $100. I paid $40 for mine and I lit up windows on the 6th or 7th floor of buildings and would turn a dark ally to daylight. It is also lighter than the "Mag"

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