I need a hatching PRO please

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    Jun 27, 2011

    I do not know what is going wrong with my hatches.
    I need to talk to someone who really knows this game.
    I hatched bearded dragons for like ten years and even some green cheek conure eggs, but never had any issues.
    I am so scared to ever buy another egg again.
    After all I have gone through with silkie losses, I purchased 25 eggs from a really good seller of show quality silkies and it seems I killed them all. My heart is still aching from this.
    They are still in my bator but it is day 25.
    I have two still air incubators and one has a turner in it.
    I dry incubated these and humidity was at 47 percent through the whole thing.
    At lockdown, I had 11 that made it. I put them in my second bator for lockdown as it is just easier then taking out the turner in the other one.
    I did notice that after two days, the temp was at 98. So I boosted it back up, but nothing else had changed. I can't find anywhere that small temp fluctuations could kill the eggs, but maybe it did.
    Last night I checked one. I opened at the large end and the second membrane was still stuck on the egg and the first membrane down on the baby and I assume that is the way it is supposed to be. It wasn't dried out looking. I pulled that membrane back and baby was nice and wet in there but very much dead.
    Fully and completely developed but the yoke was coming out of the tummy and there was a hole there.
    The rest are in the bator. A friend suggested to raise the humidity and put the last plug in. so I did. It is at 60 percent humidity now. I feel they are all dead, but I have spent so much on them, that I keep hoping a miracle will happen.
    I have incubated serama's dry hatch and hatched some, but there seems to be a few in each batch that doesn't make it, so something has got to be wrong in what I am doing.
    PLEASE let me know if anyone here is a pro at this who can help me out?

    The only other thing that was different this time is I had one plug in. Should both plugs have stayed out?
    Also it was near a window, but they developed perfectly and died in lockdown and both bators were in the same spot. The temp inside was even and I know mom's who brood babies out in the cold so those eggs are near cold too.
    Maybe my normal humidity in the room is too high? Someone said that 35 percent is good.
    I have hatched some serama's so it can't be all wrong, but I don't know what the big deal was here.
    I have wanted nice silkies with beards for two years and last night I was just heart sunk because I didn't dream that I would loose all these babies.
    Thanks for your help. Terry


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    Jun 28, 2011
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    I'm sorry to hear about your hatching problems. Have a look through these threads:


    There is some great information on incubation and hatching, covering everything from storing eggs beforehand, the incubators, temp and humidity, egg candling, diagnosing incubation problems etc. Hopefully it will help you figure out what when wrong with your batch.
  3. Lil'ChickFarm

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    Jun 27, 2011
    Thank you. I am wondering if my house is too humid as I am reading that humidity should be under 40% days 1-18. Does any one know?

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