I need a moment....

Lady in Blue

13 Years
Jun 22, 2009
Near Muncie, Indiana
Ugh!!!!! My chicks are early! Shouldn't be until Saturday! First one to pip was Sunday night couldn't get out....I helped (slowly). No bleeding...looked good....found his legs etc. Yesterday not as responsive..tried a little sugar water....he/she didn't survive! #2, 3,4 all pipped yesterday morning around 5:00 am....last night around midnight 3 and 4 progressing nicely. #2 had made very little progress but was cheeping and still trying! Got up today to 3 and 4 cruising around!!!!!!! But #2 dead in shell! I had to open the egg up.....to check for an obvious problems.......nothing!!! I realize things happen but had to complain for just a moment! Now back in to watch the pip from noon today! Maybe this one will kick some egg shell butt!!!!

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