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    Ok well my nephew is depressed. He just found out that he may be losing his truck driving job. He went from being the top, most productive driver to the guy on the short list of those to fire. The key here are new regulations going into effect. The company used him and pushed him as hard as they could but now its not in their best interest to use him any more. Its business I understand. One problem is he has an old felony conviction so finding employment is still not easy.

    He needs a job. His wife is still in nursing school. I am now their free babysitter for their son. Not sure how they can make it with the only breadwinner unemployed. I honestly think his best bet is to start his own business. My husband and I have discussed doing this ourselves so now we might be looking to push forward and do this sooner. I need ideas. Here are the skills we have. Accounting, computers, business, management, marketing, truck driving, construction, laying tile, painting, decorative ceilings, furniture repair and restoration, and writing. There is probably more but I can't think of them right now. Tons of work ethic.
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    If he has a good driving record, he should still be able to drive truck for SOMEONE. My late husband had a prison sentence (non-violent felony) and he was still able to drive truck and later got a welding job.

    Could he possibly do contract work for a company?

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