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    Aug 27, 2016
    I have a Wynadotte who is approximately 23 weeks old. She is a small gal, the smallest in my flock but heavy, sturdy. When she was a chick of only a couple of days I noticed she stumbled a little bit. Marek's came to mind but she didn't get progressively worse so I didn't think about it much. (maybe I should have) Over the next 20 weeks I would notice her stumble here and there but nothing alarming. She just started to lay. Her eggs are very small. Tonight while watching her scratch around the yard with the others I noticed she was stumbling more than usual and using her wing to catch herself. She would also lay down every five minutes or so. She is eating well and drinking plenty of water.

    Could she have Marek's?! Could she have carried the virus since she was a 5 day old chick and now I'm just seeing the real symptoms? Does egg laying cause the symptoms to get worse?

    What's up with her small eggs? She is a small girl but I didn't think she would lay that small of eggs.
    Do chickens have other neurological diseases which could cause this stumbling?
    What should I do? The rest of the flock has been already exposed if Marek's is the culprit so I don't see why quarantining her would be beneficial.
    I was planning on calling the vet on Monday but I was really hoping for some guidance or expertise sooner.
    My girls are well taken care of and loved. I would like to pin point what I have here so I can make the best decisions possible.

    I'll be incredibly sad if she has that awful disease.

    I would appreciate any responses.

    Thanks so much!
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    She may have a vitamin deficiency. . Go to Tractor Supply and get the smallest bottle of Bovidr Labs Poultry-Nuri-Drench. It is all natural, quite concentrated and does not need to be digested. And no, kids vitamins called Poly-Vi-Sol is not the same thing. Give her 2-3 drops by mouth. Repeat as needed every 8-10 hours until perky. Put it in her water until the water looks like very weak tea. Use it in her water for a week and note any changes in her demeanor. I could explain al the science behind my recommendations but frankly, I get tired of folk telling me it is unnecessary when all the journals and evidence says otherwise.
    Karen in western PA, USA
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    I wouldn't jump to to the Mareks conclusion right off the bat.
    There are other neurological issues, could be a slight genetic malformation.

    What and how exactly are you feeding?

    All pullet eggs are small......they will slowly get bigger, but it could be weeks, or months, until they are the typical 'large' size.

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