I need an awesome duck recipe.


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Jul 24, 2009
SE Louisiana
My daughters helped some friends process meat birds yesterday and came home with 3 chickens and a duck, already processed of course.
Since I have just one duck, I want to prepare it in some tender, succulent way.

This family's chickens are tender and juicy (Cornish X), and the duck is some kind of meat duck (my kids said white with a black thing on its head). So hopefully it is tender as well. We like lemon and orange dishes as well as basic brown gravy meals.

Any suggestions?
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I cooked my first duck last week..... stuffed it with onion and apple and put it in a roasting pan with yams (the canned ones because I was in a hurry LOL) and the remaining onion and apple, some raisins and some salt, pepper and cinnamon. I thought it was delicious.... but I really like yams
The kids didn't eat as much of it though

I used to get this dish at this one Chinese restaurant called pineapple duck..... it was a breaded duck dish with pineapple and sweet & sour sauce.....yuuuummmmmmmmm I wish I had the exact recipe they used!

Do let us know what you do with it
That sounds good, Guitarists. I like yams, too.

I'm looking for a recipe that either roasts the whole duck or the duck pieces cut up in a sauce or gravy. I'd rather not debone the breast meat or anything.

My daughter told me today that it is a Muscovy duck, if that makes a difference.

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