I need food suggestions for my 1 1/2 yr old Muscovy Drake and other questions


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Jan 28, 2015
We have had Nibbler since he was a hatchling, my son rescued him on a very cold morning in Jan last year with no Momma in sight. I had posted our story on here. I am coming back here for some suggestions. He seems to be FINALLY molting. Which that is not my concern, my concern is he never lost his first set on flight feathers and got news ones for me to clip, the old ones that we clipped are still there and are very faded out. He also seems a bit thin not like omg he is sick, just a little lighter than I'm used to, or is this normal when it is SOOO hot out.

At our local feed store they have been telling me it was fine to keep feeding him the Purina Non-medicated chick fed since I had no females around needing laying feed. And up until now he for sure has been thriving. We have tried so hard to get him interested in other foods and only a few fruits he likes. He loves scrambled eggs but I'm not gonna make him those all the time LOL
He sort of likes when we get him some feeder fish, but he doesn't go as crazy over them as he did as a youngin.

I found this stuff on the Petsmart website and was first wanting know your thoughts on it. http://www.petsmart.com/bird/food/a...6-5153938&_t=pfm=shopping_cart&pfmvalue=title
Would it be good for him? At $5 for the bag I would be willing to see if he likes it even. He is just a very finicky duck for sure LOL

Also what can I do about rats coming around his cage at night that will get rid of them but not harm our neighborhood squirrels?

We go to take our dogs out at night and I always see a couple go scampering away from the cage. I'm doing a full clean up detail of his bedding and stuff today and hope that helps.

Any suggestions you have would be welcome.

We are in South Central Florida so it is SUPER HOT right now, plus super mild winters.
you need to get him on an all-flock type food, he is way too old to be eating chick food
he also needs more niacin in his diet or will have leg issues
i'll see what else i can find for you and call some friends over

Hmmmm....I am definitely not an expert on duck care, but I do agree that all-flock would be best for your drake given the situation. Also, as a special treat, you could try peas and corn.

I know a couple people who may be able to help you more:

Hi, I don't own Muscovys but I will help as best as I can. I have heard that the sun can fade the colors on ducks feathers. Does he have any access to shade or a pool? To get those old flight feathers out would probably be to give him warm water to bathe in.
For food I would recomned Dumor Grower/Finisher. To get rid of the rats I would raise his coop/shelter off the ground, and close up any holes that are in his coop/shelter. The heat or the rats could be causing him not to eat.

Good luck!
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Thank you everyone!! I guess I have a trip to Rural King planned for my weekend now ;)

He has several pools and an enclosure we built. However lifting it would do no good the bottom is just the ground. I rake out the bedding and put new in. Which up until it got warm we did not have the rat issue. So hopefully the recent cleaning will discourage them.
We live in a very suburban area with a chain link back yard so the typical predators of a duck wasn't really high on my list when I designed the cage. We have Muscovy all over our neighborhood loose. Plus with it being Florida it is not a super sealed up pen. So they are getting in up by the roof as the cage doesn't block up there. And i'm sure they could get in around the door too.

I'm not 100% sure what the heck they are after other than maybe his feathers for bedding because like I said he's been moulting. He doesn't leave the feed we have bene giving him for anything else to get any.


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