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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Mrsroeder2012, Oct 12, 2012.

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    I have a baby Red Cochin bantam and, most of u all know about their " craw" where they keep their food , well um.........is that on a chicken supposed to be in the middle of their chest or of to the side cuz my baby's craw is off to the right and bulged out like its full but i am not sure, on the where bouts it is supposed to be at......Please help me on this i don't know what to do, and it may not be nothing and the chick act like their is nothing wrong , i was just messing with her and noticed it and tho "something is wrong" but let me know what u think is may be and if u need pic's of her just let me know

    Thank you, Lindsey
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    Jun 16, 2012
    Hi Lindsey, yes its to the right and its also known as a "crop" and it fills when they eat. They do stick out quite abit when full. Hope this helps.
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  3. Mrsroeder2012

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    so this is normal, i feel alot better now about this thank you so much :)
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    x2 completely normal. If you are ever worried something is off just check her first thing in morning before she has anything to eat. It should be empty then. Otherwise fullness is normal.
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    I saw this thread and read it and it brought back some funny memories for me. Last year, my sister and I embarked on our chicken adventure. Green? Oh Lord we outshone the grass, neither of us knew the first thing about chickens! I bought books, lots of books and was reading them as I could. One day I received a frantic call from my sister, she said I had to come down and look at her chicken! There's something wrong! She has this huge lump on her right side of her chest! Grabbed a couple of my books, not knowing what I was getting into, got there and she is hopping up and down! "My chicken is going to die! I know it! There's something wrong! You gotta help her!" Lol, okay.....I've had chickens for the same amount of time she has. How come 'I' gotta help her? I looked at the chicken, felt her all over...no temp, clear eyes and nostrils. How's her poop? Never mind, I can see how that is by looking at my leg. Crack the books....and find it's her crop doing what it's supposed to do. I had never noticed this with my own until this happened.

    You done good! You noticed and asked. Your chickens will have a great life with you as their keeper! Kudos!

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