I need help deciding which hatchery to order from!

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    [​IMG][​IMG]I have stared at and gone through so many hatcheries in the last 3 days I need some thoughts on this matter

    I have 5 hatcheries up, all with my cart full just waiting to check out. I have Crackle, My Pet Chicken, Ideal, Meyer, and Murray McMurray. I couldn't find what I wanted locally or any other places.
    I'm liking McMurray the best because ETA is Jan. 26th BUT they did not carry Barnevelders like I wanted [​IMG] I found some other breed that was sorta like them but it's straight run only which is a big bummer. All the others have ALL the breeds I want in pullets + only a 15 chick limit but they are not available until mid March (McMurray has a 25 chick limit this time of year). I need my new little girls up and grown out in the coop ASAP this year. March is pushing my time frame a little to far...

    I guess I should add that I'm only keep a max of 10 chicks for myself. The others I have to find homes for, that should be pretty easy... right? The price difference isn't enough to be a solid deciding factor but ordering McMurray's 25 chicks is the most expensive option. Another Pro with them though is they are a couple states closer to me then the others.

    Are there any known pros or cons or experiences with those hatcheries?

    Thanks for all your input!
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    I'd go ahead and order the 25 for delivery in Jan. I have never had a problem selling extra pullets on CL and you will be in the front of the curve. You should be able to sell them for a premium (I get $20 for 16 week+ pullets) just because you will be the first one with extra birds.

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