I need HELP. I think my daughter shrink-wrapped some of them.


9 Years
Feb 3, 2010
We were doing well hatching our chicks and making sure we didn't touch the incubator unless absolutely necessary, but OUR DAUGHTER decided she wanted to TOUCH one and opened the 'bator up. The humidity dropped and now I *think* I have shrink-wrapped eggs. I came back from dropping off my husband at the airport to find that some of the eggs that were zipping were just STUCK. The membrane looked awfully white and dry. I am trying to get them damp a bit by putting a few drops of water on the membrane itself and on/over the egg but I am at a loss as to what to do? I have a good batch of chicks already done (about 21) Do I try and take those out and spray the remaining eggs with water? Do I just try and work with them with the bator close? Do I leave them as is and hope for the best?

The humidity is at 75%... I would think that this would be enough to help the remaining chickens hatch... but i'm beginning to have doubts. HELP PLEASE.
I would give them all a warm misting and kick up that humidity than wait. If you know when they started zipping, wait 24 hours before attempting to help, but in this case they may end up needing it. If you do end up helping, look into it before hand, there is some good info out there on how to do it safely. However I am not the one to give that advice
FOUR MORE came out! Thank goodness. I have two zipping and three other eggs NOT doing a thing. Wonder if I'll see anything from those. Might candle to see what's going on.

Here is a pic of baby chick #1


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