I need help identifying a few "assorted" bantams


7 Years
Aug 10, 2012
I am a newbie chick
owner, got a flock of day old bantams last May. They are now 16 weeks old. Can you help identify these three? I think the buff colored one might just be a roo. what do you think?
Thanks so much for the buff brahma info. I'm glad she's a girl! Here is another one I am wondering about.
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That looks like a Buff Brahma, they are slow maturing and can be hard to sex, but I am not seeing any rooster feathers or any patchy colors coming in yet, so would still vote possible girl.
Your first bird is an Easter Egger, and she's a pullet. Your second one is a Buff Brahma, also a pullet. Both beautiful birds!
The bird in the first photo looks like an Easter Egger pullet. The color pattern on her is close to the Silver Duckwing Ameraucana variety, but the green legs are not a pure-bred Ameraucana characteristic.

In the second photo, you appear to have a Buff Brahma bantam pullet. Brahmas can be difficult to accurately sex until they are older, but the comb doesn't look overly developed and the coloring is typical of a hen.

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