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Laura Rollins

6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
I just found 27 eggs in a bail of hay. I have no idea how old they are. At the moment I have no broody hens. So we are going to build a brooder and hatch them ourselves. My question is what is the right temperature to keep the eggs?

Yorkshire Coop

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7 Years
Aug 16, 2014
This is a great link for all you need to know about incubating eggs.
This is how I incubate -
I have a forced air incubator ( fan)
Temp at 37.5 Celsius
Humidity 45% day 1-18 then 65% at lockdown also this is when you stop turning eggs ( day18 onwards)
Automatic turner (eggs turned every hour)
If you don't have a turner eggs need to be hand turned at least 3 times per day 5 is better though.
Also if you have a still air incubator the temp needs to higher and measured at top of the eggs. It should be 101-102 farenheight.

I would be very cautious about incubating the 27 eggs you have found. Because you don't know how old they are there could be bad ones in them and you really don't want them exploding in your incubator this would contaminate any good eggs you may have and cause them to quit because of the bacteria from any bad eggs.

Eggs have a better chance of hatching if they are no older than a week.
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