I need help on one more that may be a Rooster too???????????????


7 Years
May 25, 2012
Well we know are Snowflake is a Rooster now, but we are starting to wonder about one more we may be thinking is now....I told my hubby I always thought he was trying to cocka-doodle-do as well as he always told me know it's snowflake.....well he just came in and said he thought our other one was now toooo. So can you please help again if this is indeed a Rooster and what breed? I just know he is a Bantam.

If you're going to keep a rooster consider him. Bantam cochin roos are overall very docile and good to the ladies.
I agree! Keeping my black cochin roo has been a great thing. He crows.. but hes so quiet the lady across the street asked if we have a squeeky door. LOL ;)

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