I need help! Weird Behavior! (Seizure...? Injured...?)


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6 Years
Mar 16, 2013
Today i got up went straight to my two chickens to let them spend the day in the yard. They were clucking and being their usual selves - nothing out of character. But then my Black Australorp (11 weeks) took one look at me and started flipping out. (I promise i don't beat them. Lol.) She jumped on my Barred Rock then started bouncing off the walls and ended up lodging herself under the feeder where she laid there trembling.

I'm not sure what caused it. It was almost like she got spooked then got herself into a situation by getting stuck under the feeder. Eventually she sat up but was panting heavily. (I suppose due to stress.) She's always had a flighty personality so i think i may have startled her a bit?

Anyway, i picked her up and put her on a table in our garage to inspect her. She wouldn't stand and continued panting like we were standing in a firepit. So i ran and got her a bowl of water and tried to give her some. After about 10 minutes, she stood up (still panting) and took a few wobbly steps but every time i touched her, she sat back down, which is odd for her since she doesn't usually let me come near her - running away and barking like i was about to butcher her.

I stuck her in the yard and watched for a bit... Now she doesn't run from me, only sits down. She takes a lot of breaks in between foraging sessions and lays down. And her walk is a bit unstable. I'm thinking she might have injured her leg after the freak out session??? But she not limping...

Any suggestions? What should i do? Is there something wrong with her?

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