I need help ~ what type of dog is best to be around my chickens?????

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  1. I need help, guys! :eek: I want to get a dog that can happily live with and around my chickens. All of my birds have their own coops, yards, and pens - - - but I want to add a dog to the mix. I would like to have a little companion that would NOT eat my birds! [​IMG]
    Can anyone recommend a breed? I would like to get one this weekend and really appreciate your help. [​IMG] Have a fabulous day!
  2. countrygirl4513

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    Apr 14, 2007
    Portland TN
    I recommend Great Pyrenees. I use to breed them. They are livestock dogs. I've never had 1 speck of trouble from them concerning the chickies.
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    Jul 14, 2007
    If these are young birds then any young dog with good temperment will do. Just meke shure that you get them used to eachother befor letting them roam together.
    If they are older birds then you need a younger dog that you can raise to behave around chickens, I can't comment on breads, but we are taking care of a sharpay mix and she is very freindly with the chickens. Although out older birds are scared of dogs for a good reason.
  4. CoyoteMagic

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    That is what I've been hearing.

    Stock dogs (i.e., Aussie Cattle dogs, Border Collies) aren't good, they have high prey drives. It moves they are on it. I have an Aussie. She is good with my birds as long as I am there to tell her NO. I would not trust her if I wasn't.

    Some of those litte terriers aren't good either. Lots of them were bred to chase small rodent's and such. So they chase and bark at anything that moves.

    Labs and other hunting dogs, well......They are bred to go after the birds.

    Basicly, I think it's the luck of the drawl. You either have a dog that works good around birds or you don't. Sorry not to be more helpful
  5. countrygirl ~ the Great Pyrenees are beautiful. Are they a social breed? I am an avid animal lover and want something that is loving, kind, calm, and social. If so, do you recommend any certain Texas breeder? Thanks so much for your input! [​IMG]

    Backyardfarmer ~ I have ALL ages of chickens. All in age appropriate coops. So, the dog would be around all of them from their day 1 until......[​IMG]. [​IMG] I am wondering if a good demeanor young puppy might be the best way to go? That way I could get him/her oriented to the birds the moment they arrive.

    Thoughts anyone? [​IMG]
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    Whatever breed you decide on, training your dog/puppy from the get-go is the most important thing. Do basic obedience classes. I have very successfully in the past trained 5 Rotties to guard, but not bother my guineas or peafowl. You need to do this right away, first day, regardless of breed. Some breeds are harder to train than others. My first opnion would be not so ready to bring in a dog. Research, check out breeders. meet different breeds of dogs. All were bred for a reason, check to make sure the ones you are looking at will be the best breed for you.

  7. CoyoteMagic ~ I'm beginning to think that you are right. It might be luck of the draw. :eek: Being as my luck is NOT the best..........hmmmmmmmm. Thank you for your input, I really to appreciate it.

    Mac ~ I have been looking at breeds for the past 5 months and yes, you are right about the obedience classes. I have already located a local trainer who has an opening available Aug. 15; which is why I am now needing to make my final decision. You know when you get ready for something.......well, I'm finally there. I have done LOTS of research online and being as I am a new member to BYC, I thought that I could get additional input from people who actually know how hard it is to have dogs & chickens living harmoniously. [​IMG] Thank you for your thoughts.
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    Apr 14, 2007
    Portland TN
    They are known as "gentle giants". I've always had them and they love children. My kids use to ride my girls. And they would just put up with their ruff housing. Pyrenees will protect a flock, herd, etc. from preds. But it is usually best to have 2 Pyrenees, one to guard the front of the property and one to guard the back. Alot of people call them porch dogs, cuz they are always laying around on the porch, or so it seems. But they are busy at night, doing their rounds walking the perimeter.
    It is always best to put a Pyrenees in with the livestock as young as possible, keep them with them at all times, this way the dog sees itself as part of the flock or herd. Go to this site and do research on them. www.dogbreedinfo.com
    You should never be in a rush to get a dog. Always, always do your homework. Great Pyrenees are hefty dogs that are double coated and they eat like a bear. Good luck.
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    I have a corgi that is great with the chicks, She is spose to herd cattle. I have left her with the birds by herself and never had a problem. She has been with them since day one, and thinks they are hers. Anything that comes into the yard Crows, Fox, ground hog, she runs off (or does other things if they dont run fast enough, but then this would be a graphic subject) I think a herding dog will protect its Flock be it sheep , goats, birds, etc.... as long as it knows what it is spose to protect.

    my corgi with her flock, just like the pyrenese only about 25 lbs instead of 100+

    Yeah what was said above, remember research then get, NOTHING wrong with a mutt I have 2 of those also, remember they will be with you for the next 10-20 years
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  10. countrygirl ~ I really appreciate your help. I am off to research the link you provided. [​IMG]

    mdbucks ~ great pic! Love the idea of a smaller dog being ok with the birds. You are so right about the dog being with you for life. I can't imagine my two tiny-toy poodles NOT being with me for that length of time. [​IMG] They are my babies! Thank you for your thoughts and input.

    I really appreciate ALL the help you guys have been. I am headed to research a bit more and make my final decision. Thanks again and have a great Wednesday! [​IMG]

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