I need help with a sick Pekin Duck

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    Jul 20, 2012
    I have an 8 month old male, Pekin duck (Donnie) who has been acting sick for the past two weeks. It began around Dec. 28th. He started displaying listlessness and started separating himself from the other water fowl. His appetite started to decrease, and he would stumble every once in a while. About a week ago, these symptoms continued and we started hearing a little rattling when he quacked. He isn’t a very vocal duck so I am not sure how long ago this developed. We decided to bring him in about two days ago and he has gotten worse since. The following are a list of symptoms he has since procured:

    Loss of appetite (at this point, it seems he isn't eating at all)
    Increased thirst (some of the water seems to fall back out of his beak when he drinks)
    Loss of coordination (stumbling, prefers to sit)
    Heavy breathing at times (he even starts breathing through his mouth at time, but his nostrils are clear)
    Shaking head (and watery mucus sometimes comes out when he does this)
    Trembling and shaking (every once in a while)
    Loss of energy (he rests his head against the water bowl, lays down all the time)

    My local feed store is out of antibiotics, and the earliest they will have any will be Friday. They have ordered Duramycin-10 (powdered form). The only other thing they recommended was a shot of penicillin, which we haven’t done yet.
    In the meantime, we have gotten him some electrolytes for his water.

    Does anyone have any idea what he might have? Upper respiratory? Would a shot of penicillin work? Or is it enough with the duramycin? Is there anything we can do while we wait for the antibiotics?

    Here is a photo of him.

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    Maybe he has a virus. If you take him to a vet and this is the case, you should be able to get antibiotics. I'm not exactly sure what's wrong but it sounds like you need to keep him warm and in a quiet place away from any other animals. Make sure he's hydrated too.

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