I need help with Bumble Foot

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    I tried to find clear answers to my questions on other threads but some were very long and I thought just asking would be faster. [​IMG]
    We did surgery today on our roosters foot. We got some scabby stuff out and my neighbor pulled something out, we were not sure that it was the "corn".

    Rooster is eating, walking around. (surgery site is wrapped and stuffed with triple antibiotic) his foot and leg still look inflamed (hour after surgery) I suspect the infection is on the "bad" side.
    I am wondering my next steps.

    My questions:

    Should I try to see if anything will come out by cutting and squeezing some more? (it was a LARGE bumble)


    Can I just get something like Tricide Neo Powder and will that clear the rest up?


    Is using IM penicillin more effective than TNP? Should I get some of that?

    Thank you for your help in advance! [​IMG]
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