I need help with making chicken sling so wings do not flap! It is not working for me! Help

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    I posted before about my girls bum leg and here is what I tried today. I posted this under her leg problem but I wanted to put this in the title hoping someone would read that and know what to do. I am desperate to help her...

    Ok I have tried the sling today and it was a disaster! I thought it was going to kill her! So I made it correctly, the problem is she is not very tame. I rescued this group and even tho they are pretty used to me I can not just go and pick them up and she has always been more nervous. I had her in the sling thought it was great and she was taking some of her meds off a spoon so I was not to close and then she starts flapping her wings and somehow ends upside down hanging and then got loose and was going nuts in the kennel I am sure doing more damage to herself. I do not want to add more stress to her so I try always to move slow, keep my distance etc. So I decided to try putting some Velcro I had around her body holding down the wings. I know it sounds awful but it wasn't. I didn't put it to tight but thought I have to keep the wings down. Well she was settled in, looking good and happy and then started trying to flap and got one of her wings out and managed to do the same thing and this time was just laying on bottom of kennel. Does anyone have any ideas on how better to keep her wings down. I put her back in the kennel with out the sling. I have to figure this out, it is her only hope I believe. I can't imagine it healing in the kennel how she is.

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