I need help with my quail's eye problem.

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    Nov 14, 2015
    Hi I am new to Backyard Chicken!My coturnix quail of 4 1/2 years recently started having eye problems.A red lump appeared next to his eye on the right,causing it to have watery eye.As time went by,the red lump covered it's whole eye.The quail would scratch the eye,causing it to bleed.I bought from a bird store "Zosterops Japonicus",an oral remedy for the quail when the lump was small but it seems to not work as the lump grew bigger.I am giving half a panadol to the feed of the quail everyday as it seems to be in pain.

    Any suggestions as to how to cure the eye problem?Any help would be appreciated!Thank You.

    Attached is the picture of the quail.[​IMG]

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