I need help with my rhode island red


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Apr 3, 2010
Mesa, AZ
Ok I think my Rhode Island Red hen is molting. Her appetitie has decreased, she isn't laying eggs and she pretty much lays around most of the day. My concern is I noticed tonight that she isn't roosting she is laying down under the roost box. Is this normal?

One of my RIR's acted that way for a few days.... Took her out of the nest she was laying in each night and gave her treats and some TLC daily for several days. Made sure she was eating by hand feeding her... Few days of this she was moving around and in a week she was fine. Key IMHO was keeping her eating and drinking was the right thing to do.

Good Luck.
If it is hot in your area like it is here, make sure she stays hydrated. I use a fan blowing air on my birds to help with the heat and try to give them cold water often, it seems to help. She could be moulting or just puny.

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