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I am wondering how I can get a poop board underneath the big roosting bar. I won't be able to get underneath everything because of the ladder and T, but would like to atleast get under the long one. Problem is, I can only push it up against the ladder, so I can't center it underneath the roost. If they are facing the back, it would work fine, but if they are facing the front door- not so good. Can anyone look at my coop and give any thoughts?

Pics of coop are at:

Thanks so much for any ideas!!!!!
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That's a tough one. I know you spent some time on that ladder-roost. But could you just use a plank-ladder instead, with the base just to the left of the doorway, leaning/leading up to the T roost area??? That way you could do a T shaped dropping board fully underneath your T roost?
Another option would be to just do a straight roost across the wall to the left of the door (looks like close to 12 in. of space there)??? You're able to get inside your coop?? It was difficult to tell size from your pictures. I guess I'm thinking that stooping to get inside to scrape those dropping boards might get old, so if they were more accessable...easier work.
That's a cute coop by the way!
I hope you can figure something out with your dropping boards, because they're so worth it!
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How about building the poop board with an opening for your ladder. You will need about 8 inches of board on both sides of the roost. How long is the roost? You might be able to support the board from the ends with a connecting board to the ladder, somehow, for stability.

UPDATE: I've looked at your pictures again. I REALLY like your coop. Do you have plans you could share?? Anyway, I don't think you can build a poop board. Can you stand up in this coop? If not, it would be hard to clean the poop board. Maybe you could put a board across the front of the door area to hold the shavings inside and just do deep shavings. From the door you could easily flip the shavings over with a fork used for cleaning horse stalls. If you can walk inside, you can pick up the morning poops with a cat box scoop.
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