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Discussion in 'Geese' started by dorothyp, Feb 18, 2016.

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    Feb 18, 2016
    My geese were friendly and now they chase me! I'm not sure what to do or what the problem is. Can someone help with some ideas. Im kind of hurt that they now target me : ( I'm 50 and I can't outrun them lol! Now I'm concerned because I've ordered 8 babies to be delivered in a month.
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    The geese most likely grew to be adults and now are protective. When they were young, they were not smart enough to attack.[​IMG]

    Switch to chickens and enjoy the GOOD LIFE.

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    This is funny, but maybe true if your having second thoughts about getting more.

    For one thing you should never run from your geese take a stand bring along a long pole or a broom and stop them before they get to you. I can just put the pole or broom out in front of them and they will stop, these are my ganders, my females are not aggressive. Ganders at this time of year are getting into breeding mode and become very protective and need to be taught that we as their care givers are not the enemy and they can not chase us and bite us. If my older gander doesn't move[walking towards me head down acting like I am in his space] when I walk towards him I push him out of the way with my broom or my foot flat part to the chest. I am not condoning cruelty but they need to know we are not going to be bullied by them. One reason so many people hate geese and want to give them up after they become adults. I am in my mid 60's and will not even try to outrun my geese I wouldn't even try, but I sure don't take any thing off of them either. I have also got hold of my gander and held him to the ground on his belly just like another gander would do, Once you train them to respect you it doesn't mean they won't challenge you especially during breeding season but it sure makes for enjoying them a whole lot more and we understand that what we are seeing is normal behavior it's up to us to get it under control. The ganders take their role as mate and papa very serious. How many geese do you have and what breed? can you post pics. I'll get you the training thread for geese.
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