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    Okay so I have a small flock 1 roo and 4 hens but for valentines day i got 5 cute little chicks problem is i dont think my coop or run can handle 5 more hens!!!! My coop is about 3 feet by 4 feet and lifted about another 6 inches off the ground it fits all 5 of my chickens perfect (they only go in at night, they even have the option to come out when it rains) and my run is about 6 feet high and about 7 feet long by 7 feet wide. and my coop is kept inside that so some room is taken up. But my question is if i wanted to add 5 more hens how much bigger do I need to make my run and coop??? Please someone help!!!
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    From what I've read here and elsewhere, your clucks need at least 4 feet per cluck inside to roost, etc. Your run should give each cluck 7-10 feet (floor space) to scratch around, etc.

    So your current outside 7' x 7' run gives you 49' of floor space - for 10 clucks that only gives you 4.9' per bird - you want more there.

    Inside you'll need to expand or add enough for your new 5 clucks - since your current coop is adequate for your 4 grown clucks and they only roost there, adding that much room again might work - but others will know better than I about that. You'll want to take into account how big your new clucks will be when grown.
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    ...and you'd be wiser not mixing new birds with old to prevent disease...nice chance to build another coop. Do you have harsh winters? If so I'd allow more than 4 sq feet- some of us in harsh regions allow up to 15 sq ft per bird because of having to be indoors sometimes in bitter temos.

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