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8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
Old Town, FL
We are trying once again to raise some chicks--We have one left from last spring--didn't know if she was a she until we found a nest. Here is a pic of the new ones. Can anyone tell me what they are? We bought them at a local feed store.
These are our six new babies...we think two of them are supposed to be males.

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The three brown ones in the center are Easter Eggers, if female they'll lay pretty green or blue eggs. The two orange ones on the right are Production (hatchery type Rhode Island) Reds. The one on the far left is possibly a Buff Orpington.
Thanks Illia. The one that survived the first time is a New Hampshire Red, thought some of the new ones might be RIR or NHR. Guess I should do research on the others--they will be alright all together right?

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