I NEED HELP!?!?!??!?

Pete fernBonnie

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Apr 3, 2012
hey i have some news. i dont know if its healthy or not but about 16 weeks ago my serama hen had baby chicks (she is a class c bigger serama) and the rooster was a game rooster banty purebred and i sold the rest but one was very small and friendly so i kept it. and now it6s 16 weeks of age and it fits in my pocket. i dont think its healthy for her to be that small she weighs a couple of ounces like 1 or 2oz and she stands about 4in ta;; she looks like a class a serama but i dont think its healthy for her to be that small. she acts fine but i am worried she doesnt eat all that great but she a great pet over all soo is it healthy fro her to be that small? she is like the size of a 1 week old barred rock chick. thansk
It happens sometimes that I chick doesn't grow as it should. The best you can do for it is boost it with high protein food such as scrambled egg and mealworms, plenty fresh greens like spinach and add a vitamin/mineral supplement to it's water. Best of luck!
Runts always come about, sorry there is nothing really to help them, that I know of!

Good Luck!

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