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Jul 10, 2012
I came home to my pullet moving really slowly, she is usually very active and never lets me touch her, but now she is barely moving. She is letting me grab her which she never does. I gave her some water and she drank it but, when I came back to check on her, she was still in the sameplace and looked as if she was falling asleep. Im very worried, please help.
Have you ever de-wormed her?

Do you treat for mites/lice nfestations? If so ... what do you use?

There are so many possibilities as to why she is acting this way... do you have other chickens> If so... are they of the same age as her?

The more information you can provide will help us to help you and her.....
No, I never have dewormed her, I have no idea how. And yes, I have a rooster, he is about 14 months.Im thinking she has the flu because she had gotten wet when it rained the day before yesterday.
Ok so lets deal with each issue...

Firstly... she cannot get flu by being wet.. so that is NOT a problem...

You should ( if she free ranges) treat her for any worm infestation she may have...there are many products available such as safeguard/albendazole or any other recommendations for worming medicine ( see Dawg53 ) for further information.

You should also treat your chickens for mites and lice infestations... these are killers if left untreated ( as are worm infestations ) ... try permethryn or sevin....

It may be a good idea to give her something to boost her if she is not eating well...try tuna fish or scrambled egg and see if this helps her a little in the meantime.
Do you live in the USA? If so... the de-wormers are available at your local "tractor supply"... if you do not have a tractor suply nearby it is probably best to contact a local Vet who can prescribe both de-wormer and lice/mite treatment.....

Good luck

If you post the area where you live I am sure somebody in your local area can help you with further information
I would not suggest using an antibiotic unless she has an infection... at this stage she may not need antibiotics.. they would be useless if she has worms or lice/mites....I will pm somebody who may be able to help you further.....!

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