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So I have a chicken she is about 4 or 5 years old. Anyway she won't eat a lot, she has been drinking some water. She barley moves i have to get her to move. I have been giving her vegetable oil and i put apple cider vinegar in all the waters. she started drinking a lot of that. Her poop is not formed it is watery but colored i got her to eat some sunflower seeds. I had just cleaned out the pen to see if that was the problem. But i am not sure. If you have any suggestions or know what might be wrong and what i can do please let me know.

She might be broody.and if the poop is watery you should give her only grains no treats.and try giving her some grinned up sea shells or small gravel to eat.hope she gets better
Well she needs energy to get past whatever is plaguing her. But sounds like whatever it is , is effecting her ability to eat her regular rations. So we need to bypass that problem and get nutrition into her. Go to Tractor Supply and buy a bottle of Poultry Nutri-Drench or Goat Nutri-Drench. about 6.99-9.99. These Bovidr Labs are great products for emergency nutritional supplementation. I have used them on my poultry and collie dogs for over a decade. They don't need to be digested. They mainline directly into the bloodstream, measurable in 30 minutes and with 99% utilization. Whichever product you use, use the poultry usage and dosage instructions. Tho they are species specific, they also meet the scientific standards for a universal formula. I raised my chicks last year with great success on the Goat formula, using the poultry usage instructions. Give her 3 drops by mouth ( repeat as necessary every 8 to 10 hours) ( for chicks it is just one drop by mouth, then repeat every 8 to 10 hours as needed) . Then ( regardless of age) put 2ml ( for maintenance) or 2ml ( for stress situations) in the water. While you are at the store, pick up a 3ml syringe. Safely dispose of the needle and use it to measure the formula, easier that way, smile. Very concentrated, all natural, you just need the small bottle of whichever formula you choose.

Do not put the Bovidr Labs products in with vinegar water. Use fresh water for them.

Here, read the last 2 testimonials from the page in Pet Nutri-Drops. That pretty much says it all, from professionals:
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Get her isolated in a wire crate so you can monitor her intake and out put.

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