I need ideas for maintenance of a large run

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    Mar 8, 2010
    We recently added a large run that is a few hundred square feet for our 11 chickens. (Yes, I know it is not predator proof...we have smaller run attached to the coop that is very secure). The chickens have been spending most of their time in this new run rather than free ranging while spring plantings are being established. My husband has a bunch of hop plants that the birds seem to love to destroy!

    While there is still some grass in the run, I imagine it will be just a couple more weeks before it is completely shot. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the thought of managing all that ground. I want to get the poop out of there since there are little bombs everywhere, but I'm not sure about what type of ground covering will be realistic for such a large space. I can't afford that much sand.

    I'm thinking of putting in some of the raised "salad bar" beds to keep a bit of green in there, but most of the ground will still just be ground. Does anyone have any genius ideas?

    This is the run.

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    As long as it is not wet, the poop should not build up enough for it to be a problem. It's those little runs where you get 10 square feet per chicken that can cause a problem and is more likely to require active poop management.

    If it is in a low area, you could have a problem. But if you can keep it reasonably dry, you should be good to go as is. And by reasonably dry, when it sets in wet and rains steady for a few days, it is not reasonable to expect it to be very dry.

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