I need ideas..


8 Years
May 7, 2011
So I just bought my first coop and i'm about to order some chicks. They will come to me six weeks old. I have an area of yard behind the house that is relatively large and rectangular, the coop with run will go back there and I will put a gate up between the fence and house to make a designated area for my flock to free range. I will coop them up at dark, the problem is that on the other side of our fence is green space and I am worried about coons. It would be pretty easy for them to get over the fence and although I feel good about their coop I just know how determined the raccoons cans be. We also have hawks and eagles around that might not wait for the nighttime to hunt my girls. I'm thinking I would like to put some type of netting or wiring from the fence to the house to cover this entire area... has anyone done this? I would really appreciate any help/ideas. I am not crafty AT ALL but maybe I can beg my husband to do something simple. Pictures helps a lot.. thanks!

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