I need information on vitamins please - what to get & how to dose

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    One of my chickens has been plagued with mites. It's obviously draining her and it was suggested in another post that giving her vitamins might help make her less susceptible. I've treated w/permethrin and DE and am going to get some ivermectin. She seems to be growing more slowly than the other 2 girls (probably a result of continual mite infestations) so I'd like to give her a helping hand.
    I'd appreciate any information on what to give her for vitamins, how/when/how much to dose her, and if the other 2 girls should/can get some also. Thanks.
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    One way is to buy liquid infant vitamins; I can get them in drug stores and WalMart. Buy the kind without iron. Drop two or three drops along the side of the beak and let her take them in. Give 2 or 3 drops a day for a week or two, then once a day.

    I have read on here that some feed stores carry a vitamin supplement marketed for chickens but haven't seen it locally. There are also some online sources. The infant drops are probably the simplest and cheapest.

    This thread (see post #10) has a lot more good information on how to provide nutritional support for them:

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