i need reasons to tell my hubby why i should get muscovy ducks?


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
I have a chance to buy some muscovy ducklings for $3 each... I need some good reasons for us to get some... I really want some and I need to be able to convince hubby to let me get some:D... can anyone help?
they dont quack! they make a different noise

They are sooo cute! waddle waddle waddle

I love all my duckies
Try telling him that you are a grown up and he is not your daddy and you don't need his permission to do anything. Just get the ducks if you want them.
Running it by him first will make him feel good about it and he cannot throw it back at ya later on!

Seriously I love mine. They are friendlier than other types. Do not mess up the ponds cause they sit beside and sip the water and dip their heads in to wash. Excellent broody momma hens and will set on any eggs you give them!
Forage but like a feed pan with water beside it.. They can stay out at night in yard with less danger of predators getting them.... And like mentioned before they are QUIET...... And they come in variety of colors.....They get along well with chickens..Mine are so laid back that it ain't funny.. enjoy them!
LOL!! Show him these pics...



These are my new babies. They are soooooo cute!!

Good luck. I hope you get some. They are great ducks with wonderful personalities! And, yes, they are very quiet compared to other ducks. They are great for eating bugs, mosquitos, etc. They wag their tails like a dog. Mine big drakes follow me around like puppy dogs!
cause if you dont get them you will throw a fit on the floor like a child in the grocery store hyped up on sugar wanting more coco-puffs cause they have the coolest toy this month!
I quit just bring things home without his aproval because I don't want him throwing it up to me later or to hear him gripe... I put all the info in bright orange (large letters) on his desktop so when he get on his computer he will see it...
I used to cry silently to get my way... but he has caught on to that and it no longer works... maybe I should try the throwing a fit on the floor like a child... or maybe i should get my kids involed he usually gives into them...lol
yeah kids are good for that...

but daddy (insert huge puppy eyes) they are so cute and i will look after them and they will be my bestest friends loving me unconditionally ..
just waiting for him to get home... he is the firecheif for our vol. firedepartment and i sout on a call... I hope the finish up soon..

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