I need SNOW! and COLD!


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
This warm winter is killing me.

Momma Spook is working me to the bone. A honey do list
in the dead of winter! Even my own Mom! A sonny-do list!

Up in the morning, out to work...

Today...swinging the ax, grubbing the trails in the woods.
Helping her "draw" where the new windows go on the porch.
NOW she wants me to fire up the weed eater...maybe even the

Don't these women understand? This is the WINTER...Spooks don't
work in the winter. We don't do much in the summer.

This is terrrible.

I need deep snow, and some cold weather so I can get my winter
break in. Don't these people know I'm lazy? I LIKE being lazy...

Spook...who has a blister in the dead of winter.
Poor, Poor Spooky.

Do you need a hug?

I'm tired. Too much work.

Gotta be my bedtime.

I'm thinking about moving to Alaska. I hear it snows up there.

I heard it snows in North Dakota too, but they made that up. The ground is mostly bare and construction workers are building things. It's like 35 degrees out... above zero!
I hear it snows in Iowa, too, but that is all lies as well. It was 60 degrees outside three days ago. NONSENSE!!! Where is my winter wonderland???
Mowing in the winter.Now that would be a sight! Although I am sure it is not really good for the vegetation(or my flooding crawl) I actually prefer the warm weather. Hate the highway driving 4 times a day in the snow.Shoot, I hate driving anyway.

I will admit I have one thing my dh must do outside in the cold when he gets home,and that is to grill some lamb kebabs.Just isn't the same made in the oven.We don't usually do grilling in the winter,but many of us have a taste for those kebabs. He will be rewarded for his suffering.
Spook you can blame me, i didn't want to go south for the winter. So i had the southern weather moved up here. Yes my grass needs mowed, crazy but true.

Just take a break ,and set out and get a tan.

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