I need some dog behavior modification advice.


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May 22, 2009
North Central Florida
I have two large dogs who have gone from being all about pleasing the humans, to being all bout who can beat the other one out of the door first.
Personally, I think humans should get to go in or out of the door first, but they are so bent on winning the' first dog' title that as soon as there is a two inch crack in an open door they both peel though, and it usually involves pain and bare feet.

They go deaf as soon as they get near the door. A set determination in their eyes. In or out, it doesn't seem to matter.( Except in going out there might be a squirrel. so the toenail punctures are a bit deeper.)

Put them on leashes, tell them "no" quietly but firmly, stay calm, don't yell at them, and insist they come to a sit beffore you allow them to FOLLOW YOU out. A gesture that means "no" is even better. The will have to get calm and relaxed before they will follow directions.
First of all, I would put a long leash on each of them. Secondly, I would teach them to sit and wait by the door until they are told they can go through. You have to set them up and be prepared to give them a BIG jerk on the leash when they try to barrel through. Repeat several times in one session.
Thank you!
We have two doors, a solid and a screen, and they open opposite ways, so it may take more than one person In the training, but it is past the point of being safe. Their game must end before they break my bones.
I thank you for the advice!
It is never good not to have control of dogs to that extent, whatever the behavior. They need to learn what we say goes. A quiet, gentle, firm correction, along with rewards for good behavior, should do the trick if they aren't severely out of control. Just wait for them to calm down after the command. Good cuck!
It's Working! I stop them five feet from the door, tell them to sit, then keeping my eye on them I slowly open the door and if they start to move I tell them 'No" sternly. I do not even need the leashes or another helper.
I think this summer I let them push me around because I would come home from work with three dogs an arm full of stuff and exhausted. Now I put my stuff down and take the time to do it right.
I just needed some people behavior modification! Thanks again!
I was going to suggest that if their butts even start to lift off the floor, simply shut the door. It takes patience but it does work. Simple black and white logic - rushing the door = door closed. When you release them to go out the door, you can also shut the door if they take off in a mad dash.

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