I need some good wishes!


Scribe of Brahmalot
12 Years
May 18, 2009
Hi guys -

I'm still fairly new to this site and don't know anyone, but please let me pour this out.

I am a medical transcriptionist (and a darn good one). My job recently lost a major account and so they had to make some major changes. They put another girl on my account (she had seniority) and gave me two other smaller accounts, cut my pay, and told me "deal with it or you're fired." They did lay off 12 other workers.

Now I'm working my you-know-what off and getting about half the pay I was! I'm stuck working for this place. Nobody is hiring right now - I have applied to more than a dozen other places.

I know I should be thankful that I even have a job, but we can't make it on what I am making now, so I don't know what to do! Hubby is in construction which isn't so great right now, either.

Somebody please tell me this will all get better!
That sux , I'm sorry to hear it. I think maybe since you have part time hours available maybe
drop off your resume at a bunch of doc offices or clinics. It may be that some need some help but not a lot of hours so they havent posted a job... or if they have people on vacation , you could fill in or something. What about Temp agencies? Maybe they have some part-time for that?

Good luck!

Oh and

I am so sorry, such a sad state of affairs for some people!! I have a friend who does the same thing you do, and she said she would not encourage anyone else to do it, as she works long hours on the computer, does make pretty good money, but its boring and difficult to say the least . . .and the TV says that this is one of the most sought out jobs in the medical field . . .
just think POSITIVE, and something good will happen!!!
I think the dropping off of your resume at Dr.'s offices is a good idea. Maybe you could have some nice business cards to pass out offering your services so you could free lance. That may be attractive to practices that need the work done but don't need full time help. Good luck!!
I am an attorney in Alabama. I know that court reporter firms sometimes use outside help to complete transcriptions of trials, depositions, etc. Also, there is no lack of work for court reporters. If you could cross train, I am sure it wouldn't be hard to pick up....just a thought.
Thanks everybody for coming to my pity party. I will get through this. I'm not reduced to eating my chickens yet!

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