I need some help ASAP PLEASE!


7 Years
Sep 16, 2012
del valle, tx
I know this is stupid, but I really need some advice NOW!
I have quail eggs that go on lockdown tomorrow morning. However stupid me for the first time didn't do my research and have chicken eggs in there with them, but don't go on lock down for another week ATLEAST.. I don't have another incubator.. Could anyone give me advice PLEASE?
Thank you!
I did that with turkeys and chickens once. I built a small fence out of hardware cloth to partition off the ones due later so they wouldn't be disturbed by the hatchers. I continued to turn the turkeys until the first pip and only then did I ramp up the humidity and stop turning the turkeys. 3 of 5 turkeys hatched.
If you can't put them in another incubator, or under a broody then you'll just have to cross your fingers & hope it turns out alright. At the very least it's a (hard) lesson learned. Best of luck!

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